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LA County Pamphlet Cover.jpg

Twenty-two pages of great information; The South Bay Homeowner's Guide is packed with drawings and photographs to make your home rain harvesting adventure a snap.  

Below find copies of brochures or pamphlets (or links to them) we feel will help you better understand the various elements of rain harvesting.

Mechanically Challenged.jpg

A cute, funny, and smart - smart enough to teach almost anyone how to install a personal rainwater collection system.  It covers the entire works, from determining how much rainwater you'll need, to troubleshooting a problem pump, hanging gutters, the importance of check valves, how big a micron is, and how to disinfect your rainwater without the use of chemicals. Beautifully produced, it is packed with drawings and photographs to make rainwater harvesting a snap for the do-it-yourselfer.  Available for about $11; 108 pages.

TA&M Manual cover.jpg

An excellent 36 page pamphlet on the basics of rain harvesting published by Texas A & M's Agri-life Extension Office.

Marley Brochure.jpg

Rain Harvesting Systems.  This downloadable is an informative brochure on harvesting safe, quality potable rainwater.  The document if filled with many good photos, illustrations, and concepts.  Published by the New Zealand based Marley products company. 

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